At Bittle Incorporated, we like to start off by meeting our prospective clients and walking the land with them to get a feel for what the land holds for building a new home. This is a great time to discuss the site conditions, architects if needed, sewer and water options, and the topography of the land. This not only helps us become familiar with the home site, it also allows us to answer any questions the client may have as we start to build a working relationship.

During the pre-build process, we like to start working on budgetary Numbers immediately. We are able to do this using either sketches the architect may provide, or pre-construction plans. This allows us to provide the owner with a working budget number before the final construction plans are completed.

Once we have final pre-construction plans, then we do a detailed construction estimate. This will then lead us into the contract documents and scheduling of construction.

As the home undergoes construction, we continue to work closely with our clients, architect, interior designer, suppliers, and tradesman. We stay in close communication through digital pictures, emails, conference calls, and client/builder site visits on a regular basis. This allows the building process to be organized and worry free.

As we near completion, we work to complete any punch list in a timely manner, prepare closing documents, and go through the home with detail as you prepare to move into your Bittle built home. Once we turn over the keys, our friendship doesn’t end there.